Vincent Lauzon

The Womb of the Goddess can be found on paperback or on Kindle.

Thurim and Lashim have been happily married for fifteen years, and they’ve finally settled down in the capital city. Thurim is preceptor to the son of a wealthy merchant. He teaches the child to read, write and do sums, but not magic. Lashim is the merchant’s bodyguard, and she accompanies her employer wherever he may have need of her skill with the axe and the whip. All in all, not a bad life. Until a phalanx of Geist Whisperers shows up, that is. Then it all gets a bit hectic. There’s a disgusting map. There are bewitched forest animals. Bloodthirsty cultists. A deranged sorcerer. And a number of bad dreams. Thurim, Lashim and the boy have no choice but to run. And who knows when they’ll be able to stop?

Vincent Lauzon’s first book, Le pays à l’envers, was nominated for Canada’s Governor-General’s Literary Awards way back in 1987. It didn’t win. The Womb of the Goddess is his first novel written directly in English.