Second Christmas Book of Ghosts by Various Authors

Christmas horror anthology

All money from this ebook will go to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.

Collected are 17 tales of terror, from writers, old and new.

Find out what lies inside the trinket box.

Will O'Hare and Callaghan uncover the secret of the Great Australian Vampyre, or will the secret devour them?

Find out how some can be haunted by the living themselves.

A book full of sentient rubbish, time travel, murder, ghouls, murderers, funerals and...oh yes, lots of ghosts.

Featuring tales by Duncan Lunan, Neil Williamson, Jo Thomas, Ian Hunter, M.J. Steel Collins, Marco Piva, Jon Arnold, Kevin Biggs, Michael S. Collins, Dan Barratt, Thomas Jordan, Paul Gill, Jenny Shirt, Ana Prundaru, Jim Steel, Vaughan Stanger and Gavin Inglis.

"There they were. Footsteps coming up behind him. Light footstep. Children perhaps, but why would children be out on a night like this? Laughing children. Glanced around in every angle. No tell tale shadows. Just the sound. Of threatening feet. Chasing feet. Running footsteps. He was in no doubt though. Children. Many children. Running. Running after him! Light and fast. Gaining on him. His heart pounded. He tasted fear. Knots in the stomach. A cold sweat. Breathing issues. He turned and ran. He wasn’t sure what he was running from. He ran as fast as he could. As if, his life depended on it. From every angle, he heard the footsteps chasing after him.

Henry ran. Between streets he’d know well in better light and weather. Didn’t know where he was. Still he could hear the footsteps. Directly behind him. In front of him. All around. "

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