Other Side Books Bundle vol 1 by Various Authors

4 books for the price of 1

Are you stuck in doors and wishing for something to read? Well, you are in luck here, as for the first time we present a bundle of Other Side Books novels. Four acclaimed books at a heavily discounted price for a short period of time.

Dark Neon Dying by Jon Kaneko-James is a cyberpunk futuristic fantasy which launched Other Side Books in 2017.

From The Moon to the Stars is a collection of short stories and non-fiction by Duncan Lunan, covering his 50 years of expertise. We also have a strong denunciation of every “moon landing was a hoax” meme you will ever see. One of the stories was heavily inspired by Freeman Dyson who sadly died last month at the age of 96. The art work is by legendary comic Sydney Jordan, still producing art in his 90s.

Sea Terrors is a trilogy of horror novellas:

- In Sickness and in Health by Jo M. Thomas is a story of predestination, a diary from the future, and generations of the same family linked by a tragedy.

- Leaving by Jon Arnold takes the Dario Argento approach to Brexit. Buckets of blood. I think this one might have a political satire edge to it, but Jon, who puts the b into subtlety here, kept those cards close to his chest. Ahem.

- The Wreck of the Alison by Michael S. Collins is a tale of a fisherman’s killer ghost targeting a passenger boat with a secret on the River Clyde. Yes, it’s The Fog set in the Clyde Valley.

And finally, we are proud to reproduce the first Christmas Book of Ghosts. This collection included the only Other Side Books contributions to date of Andrew Garvey and Ann Massey, both of which we hope to rectify before too long. And to answer the elephant in the room, yes, the portion of royalties in this bundle designated to the Christmas Book of Ghosts will go to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.

So with this bundle of books you can read some great writing, heavily discounted, send some pennies to starving artists and send a wee bit of dosh to charity at the same time. What more could you want? Other than a cure for coronavirus, of course…

We hope to have a second bundle of books out soon.

Best wishes, and take care

Michael S. Collins

Other Side Books founder

PS You may see the tips bar is in operation for this book (the bit where you can add £1 or 50p to your sale, as many times as you like). If you wish to give a little more to our artists and charity, I am sure none of them would turn you down.

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