Ghostly Aspects by M.J. Steel-Collins

Folklore tales from around the world

Voodoo in Jamaica, or was it a nasty smear campaign?

Who was Bob Dragon?

What lies beneath the duck pond?

From Australia to her native Scotland, through some of the modern legends of America, MJ Steel-Collins presents some of her favourite folklore tales from around the world.

M J Steel Collins has been fascinated by the weird so long, she can't actually remember how she got into it, though suspect it might have something to do with Trapdoor, GhostBusters and Round The Twist, which she enjoyed watching when she was wee.

A former music journalist, she has writes for the Spooky Isles. She has also written for Folklore Thursday and started the Folklore pages on Modern Scot. Her favourite haunting is the Mackenzie Poltergeist of Covenanters Prison in Edinburgh, perhaps Scotland's grouchiest ghosts. She is the proprietor of Beul Aithris Publishing.

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