Samuel Clark

The Coachman can be found in paperback and on Kindle here.

London, 1869.Christian Harper’s world comes crashing down around him as he loses his livelihood and fiancĂ©e in quick succession. Distraught and self-destructive, there appears to be no hope. And then he gets a job offer too good to turn down. To price the books in the family library of a stately home. Of course, no one appears to have heard of the village of Redhills. Or of the noble family Istanaya, who offer the work. And he never did read that contract. But still, a job’s a job. And all the time watched by the family’s personal coachman, who never talks, never gives up stalking his prey. He wanders Redhills like its jailer. It is said he can give you what your heart most desires, but at what price?

A sensational Victorian ghost story, The Coachman is Samuel Clark’s first book for Other Side Books.