Kevin McCann

“A really impressive collection.

All are beautifully character driven – the heroes and villains expertly drawn – and they pulse with social justice.”

Jimmy McGovern

It’s Gone Dark is available on Kindle. It shall be available in paperback later in 2021.

Tales of terror by Kevin McCann with a social aspect. Find out what happens to those who abandon the vulnerable in modern Britain.

“Reverend Chapman picked it up and turned to the others. “This was used to force the lock from the inside.” He paused then added significantly. “Now according to you, this vampire can transform itself into mist and seep under the door to get out of its tomb. Now if it can do that, why did it need to force the lock?” He looked back into the vault. It was much darker than he’d expected. He glanced back over his shoulder. “Did any of you think to bring a lantern?”

One of the men stepped forward and handed him a candle. Reverend Chapman produced a box of Lucifers’, struck one, lit the candle and went further in. It was very cold and there was a smell of decay. Shadows danced in the flickering candlelight. He pinched his nostrils and looked around.

He could see coffins in a series of alcoves set into the walls. All of them looked undisturbed. All except one. Its lid was smashed and lying on the dusty floor. He could clearly make out footprints leading away from the alcove and towards the door. He turned to the others and beckoned. Nobody except Tom moved. He stepped into the vault, saw the smashed coffin lid and the footprints in the dust.”