Jon Kaneko-James

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A far future where science and the occult have grown together.

A rainsoaked, lightless planet at the edge of the solar system.

An ancient inhuman evil.

New Paris is the jewel in the crown of the Galacta Corporation: recreating historic cities on the terraformed moon of Europa.

Their chief attraction is the Performance Artists: glamorous adventurers who exploit the constitution to make the illegal legal.

Renard and Ducoult were the stars of the scene. Now Renard has returned from retirement, financially desperate and fatigued with his former life.

Ducoult is a broken woman. Disfigured at the finale of her and Renard’s greatest caper, and paralyzed by trauma, she hides in the City’s poorest district with her clockwork family.

But the world hasn’t finished with them yet. A final job. A good deed for the wrong reasons. Something terrible flitting at the edge of human consciousness. Renard and Ducoult will be drawn together in a fight that will either save New Paris, or unleash a horror on uncountable worlds.

Jon Kaneko-James is an Early Modern Historian who studies the social history of the Supernatural. He has read Tarot cards for a living, worked in Soho nightclubs and met his wife on his last night as a (terrible) DJ. When not writing, he currently works at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.