Jon Arnold

You are now entering the Welsh part of Twin Peaks…


Euro 2016: A Personal View. Stunned by Wales actually qualifying for a major football tournament in his lifetime, Jon Arnold set about writing a blog with friends about their adventures. What was expected to be a quick three game sojourn turned into a team performing well above expectations. Add in the spectre of Brexit, the referendum for which uncharitably happened in the middle of the tournament, and you have the snapshot of a moment in time when football and politics intertwined, as told by a Welshman then living in Northern Ireland. Find out about life, death, the universe, and Hal Robson Kanu.

You can buy Euro 2016: A Personal View on Amazon here. It is available in Kindle and print formats, though keep in mind this was our printers first book, so the paperback is currently available in A5 format rather than our usual paperback (5.5 by 8.5) standards.

Jon also contributed to Sea Terrors, with his tale Leaving, in which a celebration party for Brexit on the English Channel turns bloody. Arnold’s horror tends to be on the more subtle side, but this is pure Grand Guignol style, a Dario Argento style take on modern politics. Sea Terrors can be bought on Amazon, in paperback and in Kindle format. (No, I’ve no idea why Amazon counts those as separate listings – ours not to reason why…)

He also contributed to The Second Christmas Book of Ghosts, which has its own page, but a quick link to buy can be found here.

Philosophical, educated, witty, Jon Arnold’s writing is a fantastic part of the Other Side Books stable, and we look forward to more in the future.

Jon Arnold is the co-editor of Shooty Dog Thing: 2th and Claw. His work has appeared in books including Shooty Dog Thing, both Outside In volumes, Time Unincorporated 3, the You and Who series, Shelf LifeThe Twelve Doctors of ChristmasTerrors of the Theatre Diabolique as well as in innumerable fanzines and on websites such as The Two Unfortunates and Winterwind Productions. He’s also an occasional contributor to the Reality Bomb podcast. Current projects include his proofreading business and collaborating on radio scripts. He tweets as @The_Arn and blogs at Pop Culture Vulture.