Chris O’Kane

You can buy Journey to Cydonia as a paperback on Amazon here. It also available as a Kindle book.

The untold story behind the controversy of possible artifacts on Mars.

How a group of independent researchers pursued NASA and ESA to investigate mysterious anomalies in the Cydonia region of Mars and made some unexpected discoveries.

Here is what the space agencies didn’t tell you, told from a unique European perspective, how planetary scientists at NASA were encouraged to re-photograph the anomalous surface features of Cydonia, and how a group of researchers in the UK made a unique contribution to the controversy.

Why is there a pyramidal hill in Cydonia, Mars, named after a Glasgow High School?

Author Biography

Chris O’Kane is an audio/visual technician, film maker, photographer, writer and amateur astronomer who lives and works in Scotland. He has had an interest in astronomy and space science since he was 5 years old and is a member and Past-President of the Astronomical Society of Glasgow, and is actively involved with public outreach in Scotland. Chris has personally been researching the anomalies of Mars with colleagues and friends for over 30 years. This is his first book.

Illustration by artist Mark Toner. All copyright remains with him. No reproduction in any way without expressive permission of the artist.