The Other Side Book of Ghosts

The Other Side Book of Ghosts

A new anthology of ghost stories is available to buy on Amazon.

With cover art work by Mark Hetherington, The Other Side Book of Ghosts features 17 tales of terror by writers such as Duncan Lunan, Jon Arnold, Ian Hunter, Kevin McCann, Jo M. Thomas, Jenny Shirt, Ann Massey and Petula Mitchell. There are ghosts of all shapes and sizes, and they appear in sporting grounds, beaches and student flats.

All profit from this book goes to helping Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland.


Paul Gill – The Invite
Steve Hatcher – The Bat
Jon Arnold – When You’re With Me, It’s Always Summer
Duncan Lunan – Demon
Marco Piva – Till Death Do Us Part
Aivil Casiraghi – Meet Me Halfway
Petula Mitchell – The Housemates
Andrew Garvey – Lost in the Blackest Forest
M.J. Steel-Collins – The Flint
Jenny Shirt – Dust
Ann Massey – The Curse of Dundrum House
Kevin McCann – Spirit Guide
Michael S. Collins – The Visiting Ghost
Benjamin Adams – Moving to the Rear
Vaughan Stanger – Laying the Table
Ian Hunter – The Routine after the End of the World
Jo M. Thomas – Hygge

“Normally all you heard was the sea and the odd daft bird which should’ve called it a night, but this was different. Something there on the beach. An odd, thin sound that could be… singing? Don’t tell me some daft drunk idiot was down there on the beach? He stopped briefly, squinted, but it was in the area where one of the lights was out. He shook his head, maybe he’d had one measure too many… He huddled deeper into his jacket, pulled his beanie down a little further and resumed his journey. Thirty-eight…. Thirty-nine… Down on the beach something hunkered down…”

“A young child, dressed in white, stood by the kitchen door. She stared at him with outstretched arms. She beckoned for him to follow her…”

“Does that look like the face of a man at peace to you, Doctor?”

The Other Side Book of Ghosts is available now.


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